Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Domesticity Series - Healthy and Heavy House

Several posts ago I showed a couple of my large (about 24" x 48") handmade paper houses. These were originally done for a two-person show called Domesticity. I made the houses and my papermaking friend, Vicki Berglund, did large (about 48" x 48") beds. We took this show to three different venues and had great fun in the process. By completing this series, we each grew as artists and became better friends. We complemented each other nicely. When I needed a push, she pushed. When she needed a push, I pushed. This two-person show was a great solution for us as we shared the considerabe load of putting on an exhibition. If you are thinking of showing your work, a one-man show can be overwelming, but a two-person show is manageable. Just be sure you pick the right person to exhibit with or you might find yourself worse off!

The houses were created to show my frame of mind during a one-year period in which I was not well. There are seven houses in the series: Happy House, Hell House, Heavy House, Healthy House, Half-wit House, Harmony House and Hopeful House.

Healthy House
20” x 46”
Handmade paper, mixed media, $300

Healthy House feels good, looks good, and seems to smile — just as a woman should.

Heavy House

22” x 46”
Handmade paper, mixed media, $300

This piece, titled Heavy House, visually gets right to the point. The house is huge but the roof is small—my body was getting bigger but my brainpower seemed to be diminishing.

Here's hoping that your "house" is in order and you're feeling good!



Joanne Huffman said...

Your houses are all so beautifully made and are such well conceived ideas. I say this as a happy house owner.


Jennifer said...

I love how you give these houses personalities. They have such humanity!

I'd love to see the Half-wit House ;-)

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