Friday, January 30, 2009

Whole Lotta HeART - Part Three

One more post about last weekend...

You may recall that I mentioned low single digit temperatures. Add a strong blowing wind and you have a recipe to stay inside. But no! After the class on Saturday I drove only a mile to the Frankfort beach to see what Lake Michigan looked like. Despite the frigid temps of January 2009, the Lake was not frozen. In these pictures you can see the beach with open water beyond. I was only able to stay out in the elements for a couple minutes as my hands started to freeze up (no gloves on!). Lest I paint a dreary picture of Frankfort, MI, you should know that in the summer this place is paradise with a lovely beach, a cute little town (with a great bakery, and after all, what's a town without a great bakery?!?), a huge, sparkly inland lake called Crystal Lake, Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore just up the road and beauty everywhere you turn.

My kids went skiing that same day at a nearby resort. Here are my girls and their cousin with only their little noses showing. They had a ball skiing but were inside more than usual to warm up. I wonder why?!?

Makes me cold just looking at these pics! Stay warm out there.



Joanne Huffman said...

The kids look absolutely adorable...frozen, but adorable. The beach photos are beautiful - worth the frozen fingers.


Stone said...

Oh my, that brings back memories. I recall going over to see the frozen piles of ice that the waves and wind would push up to shore. Those cold, crisp and clear sky mornings are beautiful though. Thanks for the pics. Do you happen to have one of your sister and her family?

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Yep, it's hard to figure out who is who when the kids are bundled up under all that gear. Sorry, that is the only picture of the family from the weekend.

I was surprised that the ice wasn't further out into the lake because it frequently is out as far as the eye can see in South Haven. Maybe the currents are different in Frankfort?

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