Friday, September 24, 2010

Altered Photography with the Altered Sisters - Honorary Member for a Day

Here's another post about the altered photography play session with the Altered Sisters.  School was out at the time so I brought along my 11-year-old.  She had great fun playing around with the pens, inks, watercolors and scratching tools.  Here are her results...

Sculpture in Seattle

Turning her brother into a court jester on the soccer field.

Dash Abdo

Pelican on Marco Island

Our beloved Taylor looking like she has never looked before!  I really like what Alicia did with the palm tree trunk.

Altering photos can be a successful effort for creative people of almost any age.  Go for it.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Altered Photography with the Altered Sisters

by Jeme Baker

Recently, it was my turn to teach a technique at our monthly Altered Sisters meeting.  Everyone seemed enthused when I showed some of my altered photography results a few months ago so that became my gig for the morning. 

It must have been a successful meeting and technique because for the first time in recent memory, even the die-hard lunch goer-outers didn't go.  We stayed working and playing for a couple of hours.

As is typical for me, I forgot to take pictures during the time we were together.  But, I do have some of the results of the morning from a couple of the Sisters.  Hand altering photography is such fun and offers great potential to turn even bad photos into something really cool.

So, now, please enjoy the work of Jeme Baker, Lynn Contos, Joanne Huffman and Cathwren Warner.

by Jeme Baker

by Jeme Baker

by Lynn Contos

by Lynn Contos

by Joanne Huffman

by Joanne Huffman

by Joanne Huffman

Self Portrait by Cathwren Warner

by Cathwren Warner

I think these are just amazing.  Dig out those photos folks and see what you can do with them!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paper Mosaic Mirror Frame - Matt and Rachelle

Our nephew, Matt Monroe, got married this summer in Huntington, West Virginia.  That's a new pin on the US map for us.  The weekend was lovely because family came from all over the eastern half of the country to enjoy one another's company and wish the bridal couple well.

I made a mirror for them that I hope they'll enjoy.  They chose the colors and tell me that they have a place to hang it.  Blues are definitely my comfort colors so this came easy (but not necessarily quick) to me and I was happy with the result.

Close up of corner.  There are about eight to ten different patterns/shades of blue in the mosaics for this piece.

As far as the actually wedding and reception goes...

This is a close up of one of the contemporary stain glass windows in the church.  I like the seemingly random placement of the colors.  Of course, it isn't random at all.

Since we don't often dress up (we're more of a shorts and T-shirt kind of family), here's what we look like when we've cleaned up.

Aaron and Cousin Alex from Virginia made their own fun.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me Again

Well, I see that it has only been three months since my last post.  Wait a minute.  What?!?!  Yes, Lorrie, it's true.  The World Cup and the associated Crayon Sculptures, which were the topic of my last post on June 14, is distant memory. 

Abdo Summer 2010:  we road-tripped, we stayed home, we were busy.  Summer has come and gone and I didn't blog once.  In June and July this worried me and kind of hung over my head.  In August the worry turned to a bit of a relief.  For September I'm back to wanting to share. 

Ready to venture out again.  I hope you'll still hang with me.

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