Friday, February 20, 2009

New Collages

Tonight and tomorrow I am participating in the Kalamazoo Women's Expo at our local convention center. I've been reading up about different ways to market art and think it makes good sense to do more than just the art/gift shows. Typically, women are my buyers so a Women's Expo seems like a reasonable alternative. I hope this strategy works! I'm told that there will be about 60 exhibitors. I think it will be salons, decorators, massage therapists, etc. I am the only artist.

In addition to my usual stuff like handmade paper fish and mirrors, mosaics and cards, I purchased new business cards, made some new signs, made a bunch of 5 x 7 digital prints that look really nice matted in 8 x 10 mats, and made some new collages. Here are two of them...

Both of these collages are 6 x 6 and mounted on a frame. I priced them at $28. Ah, pricing... always a difficult thing.

Our weather forecast for tomorrow stinks so I hope I do well tonight. I'll let you know.



Jennifer said...

Good luck! It will be nice for women to see something different that just salon booths and cooking demonstrations. I mean, we're so much more than that, aren't we?

I love the collages. I hope you sell stuff like gang-busters! Take a picture of your booth, okay?

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you and will be interested in hearing how you do. I love your collages.


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