Thursday, February 12, 2009

One World One Heart Giveaway Announcement

Today is an exciting day in cyberspace. Throughout blogland there will be over 900 winners announced as a result of the One World One Heart giveaway event.

Here's a recap: On January 19 Lisa Swifka at started the 2009 One World One Heart event. In it's third year, this event is designed to bring bloggers of the world together. This year over 900 bloggers were involved. Personally, I gave up trying to get to all the blogs on the list after visiting about 300. There were just too many on the list to even attempt to visit unless I spent just about every waking hour on the computer!

If you look at the event solely by the numbers you'll find that there were 85 participants in 2007, 426 participants in 2008 and 911 participants in 2009! People from 28 countries participated. Maybe the leaders of the world should just blog and giveaway stuff so that the world becomes a peaceful place! Ah, so simple.

Here's what I learned from all of this:

* I was overly obsessive about trying to visit all the sites right then, right away, right now at the expense of other things I should have been doing. Reminder to self: If I do this again, pace myself!
* In general, I don't care for music on a blog. It is always a surprise as it often blares out and I found I didn't like much of what I heard which made me leave some sites quickly. I'm not a music hater or snob, I just don't like it in this setting. Gentle reminder to other bloggers: go easy on the music.
* There are so many generous people out there. I made a valiant attempt to get to many blogs but I know I missed a bunch too. Reminder to everyone that participated: Wow! What good people you are and I thank you!

I had 223 people post a comment requesting that they win my giveaway. Amazing!

And the winner is Beth at She is a quilter with beautiful things on her blog. I have contacted her this morning and will get the artwork shipped off.

Many thanks to all of you that visited me during this event. And special thanks to those that came, spent some time with me and made a connection. I look forward to fostering those new friendships.



Jennifer said...

This has been fun, hasn't it? I'll definitely do it again next year.

I felt the same pressure to visit everyone. Then I realized that it was impossible to achieve before the end of the event.

And YES, YES, YES on the music thing! Thank goodness for the MUTE button on my keyboard.

Joanne Huffman said...

I totally agree with you about the music and usually keep the volume off when I blog hop. I didn't get to visit everyone yet, but intend to keep on visiting the incredible participants of this event. My mind boggles at how many will be in it next year.


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Yes, the event was fun. Yes, I'll do it again but with the personal caveat that visiting 9 million blogs is optional and at my own pace. And, yes, as word continues to spread it will most certainly be bigger next year. I sure wouldn't want to be Lisa(organizer of OWOH event)as she has to enter all the blog address info on her site. More power to her!

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