Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women's Expo report

I had guessed that the Women's Expo would either be a boom or bust situation for me. I was right and it wasn't on the "boom" end of things. After Friday night, when it became readily apparent that most of the ladies attending were not really buying things but were looking for giveaways from vendors and a fun night out, I changed my tack.

On Saturday I started pitching my classes. I teach locally but what seemed to push people's buttons was the idea that if someone acted as a hostess and got together a group of ladies on their own I would gladly come to their house to teach a class (for a fee, of course). The lady in the booth next to me does home jewelry parties and was selling/booking a boatload. I hope that this comes to something. And if you are a new reader that stopped by my booth; talked with me; picked up a business card and are now following up on my blog: Welcome and I thank you! A party at your house is great fun for everyone. Please scroll through to look at some of my work.

Here is a picture of my booth:

I always try to jam as much as possible into the booth and, in looking at this picture now, I think it shows. I might be better off just showcasing some work rather that trying to show it all. Advice from anyone in this department?

Nonetheless, I met some great ladies and had numerous people make very nice comments about my work. I always appreciate that! In the end though, this show was so much work and had so little immediate and obvious payoff. The key, I think, will be in any follow up efforts I make.

Enough whining. More new collages in the next post. And, I'm off to Florida and warm weather tomorrow. What's to complain about?



Joanne Huffman said...

You never know what's going to take route and grow into a solid contact. I hope you get some bookings. I tried the home art party idea a few years ago (evan ran some ads in the Newcomer's newsletter) and got nothing from it. Enjoy Florida.


Jennifer said...

Ah, the people looking for free stuff. They see nothing else. I'm sorry the show was disappointing.

I tried a couple of "community" expos in our last city. I learned that I needed a thick skin. I'm glad people were complimentary of your work.

I think your booth looks good. Colorful, but not too crowded. Nice mix of things on the table and things hung.

I'm curious to see if you get nibbles for you home art shows. Too bad you can't charge a fee. Lots of work for free...

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