Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book Art Fair

This weekend we were hit hard with a snowstorm. We haven't had one like this for quite awhile and if you can cocoon inside with some hot chocolate and a good book it's a great couple of days. But, not for us. We were out in the middle of it with soccer, basketball, theater auditions and skiing as it all went on as scheduled. As did a Book Art Fair at our local library.

This Book Art Fair is part of the current exhibit titled "The Art of Books/Books of Art" and featured artists from many different area book-related groups. The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center was there demonstrating printmaking, bookbinding and papermaking.

The Altered Sisters were there demonstrating found poetry, altering books and various background techniques. The Multi-Media Mavens were represented too and encouraged attendees to do a mini make-it/take it project. Artist Andrea Stork had her work there and it is just lovely. She uses old book covers as her canvas and works with texturing mediums and paint to turn the old books into works of art.

I was there as part of the Altered Sister group. I showed how to use molding paste, acrylics and tissue paper to alter an old Winnie-the-Pooh board book.
This book will be part of a round robin swap I will be involved with starting in March. I have no idea of the theme yet but I guess it will have to involve the color orange!
Attendance at the Book Art Fair probably wasn't what it could have been because of the weather but there was a steady stream of interested folks for the three hour event. And, while this type of event usually isn't of benefit monetarily, it is almost always a positive experience. I was able to enjoy the company of fellow artists, I met new people interested in the art that I do and I was asked to co-teach a journaling class with another artist. One thing can often lead to another! If you are an artist trying to get your name out there give this type of thing a try. Also, if you're not much of a people person this is a great way to get better at greeting people that you don't know in a friendly environment.

I'll sign off with the usual winter storm good-bye: Drive safely!


PS. Many thanks for the comments and encouragement regarding our new pup, Dash. Even though I thought I was mentally prepared for having a baby in the house again, turns out I was wrong. I've not gotten a thing done for a week! It hasn't helped that he has been sick with some bug (and I do mean bug) which has required 10+ trips a day to the snow pile to do his thing. After two visits to the vet, different food, an IV for dehydration, and two different antibiotics he should be on the mend now. Oh please, let that be true! I'm really rather tired of the 2:00 am adventures to the outdoor potty, although it is incredibly peaceful out there, in a snow storm, at that time of day!

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Joanne Huffman said...

There were a fair number of people at today's demonstrations, too. It was a fun event. I'm crossing my fingers for puppy health.


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