Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Can't Get it From Kissing

I got a phone call out of the blue recently from an area artist that I have never met before, but I do know her wonderful work. She introduced herself and said she was interested in one of my pieces that she had seen in the "You Can't Get it From Kissing" show in December. This exhibit was sponsored by CARES (Community AIDS Resource Education Services) of Southwest Michigan.

The exhibit was for one cold and snowy night only. Traffic at the exhibit was strong but not huge. Now, about a month later, boom! a phone call comes in. As I've said before, you never know when something small may develop into something big. I don't know if this will go anywhere financially (we may barter) but I do know that I have made another contact and it is from someone whose work I admire very much. I'm pleased, very pleased! (You may now pretend that there is a video link of me doing a happy dance here!)

Here are the two pieces that were in the show. They are both about 22" x 48" and quite dimensional. The pulp on my mold when I pulled these sheets was over an inch thick and then the final pieces are layered with more paper on a base.

Title: Please
Handmade Paper and Acrylic, 22" x 48", $300

While the title of the piece, Please, is polite and hopeful, the reality of the piece is actually wistful and dark. This emotional contradiction is a part of the make up of all human beings, but perhaps, it is more pronounced for those with AIDS. Until key knowledge breaks down the stigmas associated with AIDS, Please will continue to reflect the anger, fear and rejection of those that are contained within it’s walls.

Title: Apartments/Compartments
Handmade Paper and Acrylic,
22" x 48", $300

Even when people are close to each other in proximity and share things in common, the words AIDS/HIV cause the walls go up and the separation and isolation to begin. Apartments/Compartments is meant to show how similar we all are, yet how far apart we let ourselves become, due to the biases against those with AIDS.

Thanks for looking today...



Joanne Huffman said...

I love serendipity art connections. And, by the way, I still absolutely love my house.


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

And, I love that you have it. If you don't mind, I think I'll post the remaining houses in the series in a future post.

Jennifer said...

Powerful work. I especially like the second house. I think those walls could apply to so many facets of society.
Congratulations on the connection. Hope it pans out!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...


You are so right. The walls do apply to almost every aspect of society. Right now, I can't help but think of various countries and their relationships with each other (including our own).

Curiously, this piece was originally titled "Harmony House" but I've been more cynical lately and reworked it a bit to become Apartments/Compartments.

Thanks for posting.


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