Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Arts Fair (again) and Crystal Lake Art Center (again)

I know I skip around from subject to subject: paste painting, mosaics, handmade paper, book arts, sales, puppy, etc. I hope that makes the blog interesting rather than confusing. I write about what is top-of-mind for me artisically, which, just like my life, is all over the map.

Anyway, today I'm heading back to the topic of the Book Arts fair at the Portage District Library. The library has put up some better pictures than I posted and has some fun descriptions of what went on during the entire exhibition (it's up til February 10, by the way). I would encourage anyone with interest in the paper/book arts to coordinate or participate in an event like this. There is some wonderful energy when people get together to share their loves. Here is the link to visit the "official" site.

I'm off tomorrow to beautiful, but cold, Traverse City, MI. We've decided that the whole family will go, including the pup! I will be teaching at the Crystal Lake Art Center in Frankfort on Saturday. (A spot or two is available if you have the urge to paste paint in the warm and cozy Art Center. ) Simultaneously, my kids, my sister and her kids will ski at Crystal Mountain Resort which is just around the country corner. Dad will hold down a spot inside the lodge and catch up on some reading and be the go to guy when you're hungry or cold. A win for everyone involved! I'll post pictures when we get back...



Stone said...

Steve is a smart man!! Have fun

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, thank you for the kind words you shared on my blog. I already visited your OWOH post and came back for more. I love the pictures of the Book Arts Fair. How lucky you are to be around so many creative and artsy folks! And, I'm jealous of your weekend plans - can I come along? Wish I could. If only,

I'll be back!

Joanne Huffman said...

Have a wonderful time!


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

It was cold (-1 when the kids were skiing Saturday night) but we gutted it out. I had to lug in my paints and paste every night to keep them from freezing! The class went well and there are now 9 additional lovers of paste painting out in the world.


Diana said...

I was one of the eight students at the Crystal Lake class, "Whole Lotta Heart". We all had great fun creating our own masterpieces. It was also exciting to watch the painting emerge on the front of Lorrie, as she used her shirt for a wiping rag for her work. She really gets into the art!

Thanks again for a wonderful class.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...


Thanks for your kind post. And yes, my shirt is becoming one of my best multi-media pieces! :)

I was very glad to have you in the class and hope our paths cross again.


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