Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jumping on the Blizzard Bandwagon

Well, like so many others, I'm going to share my blizzard 2011 pictures.  We were lucky here as the blizzard hit about 5 pm Tuesday, in time for most commuters to plan ahead and get home.  The worst of it came overnight.  And it was over by Wednesday mid-morning.  We got about 12 inches.  A lot of snow but certainly not historic.

We went to bed Tuesday night knowing that school was closed the following day so we actually got to sleep in.  My husband works out of the home so he had to work but had no commuting worries.  All in all, it worked out just dandy for us:  we had food, we didn't lose electricity, there was no place that we absolutely had to get to, and the sun actually came out.  The extra day at home with the kids today was plenty.  I'm ready for normalcy again.

Our back deck.

Fire hydrant almost drifted over.

Yep, school's closed (for 2 days).

This giant snowblower/mini-tractor was like The Little Engine that Could.  It kept getting stuck trying to clear a path at West Middle School.  Eventually, he made...


Daughter Claire enjoying her day off.

Deserted playground.

About 10:00 pm during prime blizzard-mania, my son and his crazy buddies ran screaming from our house to a neighbors (2 houses down).  They were barefoot and wore only their bathing suits.  Guess who they found already in the hot tub?  My daughter and some of her friends.  Many thanks to the Haworth's for this fun diversion!
And so we now move on through February with the hope of an early Spring!


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Joanne Huffman said...

I like your pictures (the playground is my favorite). I can't open my back door because there's a drift higher than my waist at the door. I am VERY ready for spring to come.

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