Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Altered Photography workshop - Art Center of Battle Creek

One weekend in January I taught Altered Photography to two groups of creative folks. 

On Saturday I headed over to the Art Center of Battle Creek.  It was my first time teaching at there and it was a positive experience.  So, from noon to three on a freezing cold, blizzardy day, we played with photos, watercolors, pastels, markers and various distressing tools like sandpaper, awls, needles and texturing plates.

This is Donna.  She had quite a few photos to choose from and worked wonderfully with her floral close ups.  The one on the left was from a black and white photo.  The one on the right has a wonderful background that was achieved by sanding over a textured polymer clay pattern plate.

This is Kari.  She's a mom that needs her creative fix once in a while.  Maintaining sanity is kind of important!  She did a great job with quite a few of her photos.  The one on the right was printed in black and white then she went in and highlighted the clothing by scratching in an outline/pattern.  Adding color was the last step.  The building on the right has a new background that is much more interesting than the original.

Here is the mom/daughter team of Kim and Morgan.  While hard to see it in this photo, the picture of the lone person on the beach used to have two people in it.  It amazes me that by using the simple techniques of sanding and painting, you can completely eliminate things in a photo.  Morgan had fun giving her cat a spot of supreme importance.  Of course, don't cats always think that they are of supreme importance?

This one and the following were created by Sandy.  Sandy, an art educator for many, many years, is now working on her masters in digital photography.  She took this class to see if there might be a good marriage between the two skill sets.  Yes, indeed!  It does have possibilities for a good marriage.

Many thanks ladies for taking the class.  I'm so pleased with your results.  I think those reading this will be happy to see what you accomplished in one short afternoon.  Now, everybody, go make some more!



Kathy L said...

Congrats Lorrie,
It looks like the workshop was successful. I love, love, love, that seagull!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I knew your class would be a success. You have a great way of pulling out the best in your students.

last minute lynn said...

Looks like you had some talented students!

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