Thursday, March 11, 2010

PhotoArtJournal Swap

A number of years ago most of what I did creatively, it seemed, was swap after swap after swap.  They pushed me in new directions and I met new online friends.  However, they can become expensive and I felt like I was always trying to keep to deadlines that I had trouble meeting.  As I became more confident in my abilities and bogged down with the mailings, I stopped.

Recently, however, I participated in two swaps.  It was time to give it a go again and they were well worth it.  Here are the results from a Color Series swap with the PhotoArtJournals Yahoo group.  I've drooled over Joanne Huffman's swaps with this group for years and finally asked to join.  I think I'll be an occasional participant but WOW on the first one!

The rules were to submit a photo with the color blue featured, along with a quote.  This is my entry featuring a sheet (really just a small scrap) of my handmade paper.  We had to print 40 (or so) 4" x 6" photographs then fold and glue them in half.  My entries got mailed to the amazing hostess for this group, Catherine Anderson.   She then binds all swappers entries, with great consideration and care, into a cozy little book.  Catherine gets the final product back to the participants within a week or two!  For those of you that have done swaps before, you know that this is an incredible feat.

The second book featured the color red.  This is my entry showing a sheet of my paper mosaics.  The group also did books highlighting yellow, orange, green and purple. 

The group doesn't just stick to colors.  Upcoming themes are:  Dreamscapes; Ant's Eye View; Roads,Trails and Pathways; and, The Birds and The Bees.  Most members are photographers and their results show this expertise.  I'm not much of a photographer but hope to continue with these swaps once in a while to improve on this aspect of my art.



Joanne Huffman said...

I'm sorry I missed out on the color swap. I'm delighted you've joined the group and look forward to being in some of the books with you.

Kathy L said...


I love the blue paper! And the quote is priceless! Very cool.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

I am so out of it movie-wise that I had to google who Viggo Mortenson was! Big movie star but also quite the renaissance man.

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