Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm a Scrappy Momma

As I said in a recent post, studio clean up has been happening.  Once I finally get started on a project like this there is no stopping me.  The "getting started bug", unfortunately, does take a super long time to take hold though.  I haven't been able to work in there since early December.  (Note to my Mom:  I'm going to show a really messy mess now, so don't look.)

The main advantage of cleaning the studio (beyond the obvious of having a clean studio in which to work) is that it inevitably spawns ideas.  Some are big and some are little.  On the side of "little", here's a fun paper doll I made quickly in an effort to not have to find a place to put the things I used to make her.  Make sense?

The doll piece was a left over from the Handmade Paper Guild collaborative piece called Twelve Angry Men seen here in a very bad, blurry photo from our fall 2009 show.  The Angry part will have significance, as you'll see.

The paper scraps (leg, hands, belt) are left over from my participation in the Swatch Swap and I used them just as I found them:  no cutting.

The figure was already dyed but needed some emphasis so I tried, for the first time, some Pan Pasels that I got for Christmas.  Fun stuff, by the way.

The doll face, well, that's just a first attempt.  Let's just say that I won't be jumping on the Female Figure Mixed Media band wagon that is so "in" right now.  :)

As for the Scrappy Momma part.  It has a double meaning.  Obviously, you can get the Paper/Scrap tie in. 

The other part is that a few days before I made her I was blindsided with a loud verbal attack, accompanied (for emphasis) by a door slam in the face, by an acquaintance/friend in a parking lot.  I asked, what was intended to be an innocent question, in the wrong tone or something.  I slunk away, with my jaw hanging open and still have no idea of how/why this came about.  After a few days of dwelling and fretting about what I could have said, should have said, shouldn't have said, etc., I got a phone call and was told that I needed a diagnostic mammogram.  Guess what?  The incident in the parking lot is now NOTHING.  A big, fat, giant nothing.  It is of absolutely no importance at all!  Thankfully, two days later the diagnostic mammogram also came up with nothing. 

So, I made a Scrappy Momma doll in memory of this incident.  Be scrappy!  Little things don't have to become big things.  And, move on as quickly as you can because oftentimes you're the only worrying about it anyway.

Here's to a clean studio and all the junk it brings to the surface.


PS.  No, I don't have red hair.


Kathy L said...

You are so right orrie, life is too short to let that incidence take over. Good for you and yea on the mamograom. I've had a coupld of diagnostic ones over the years and boy does that put everything in perspective.
ps wish I could get into cleaning my mess of a studio...

Kathy L said...

oops sorry i messed your name. I type way to fast and hit buttons way to fast :)

Joanne Huffman said...

First, as you know, I can outmess you at 50 paces. I love your scrappy mom. And, isn't it interesting how subsequent events put so many things in perspective.

Kim Mailhot said...

Being scrappy is a good thing - as is letting little things go before they become big ones.
I am sending you prayers and positive juju, Scrappy One.

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Enjoy the cleaning process Lorrie- stopping to make art while you work might extend the process well into fall but it will be worth it! Glad real life with good news jolted your persective towards things that matter- sounds like someone forgot her valium that day!


The Queen of Graceful Complexities said...

First of all I LOVE PICTURES OF PEOPLE MESSY STUDIOS/OFFICES! How honest and brave. Second, what an amazing story in reminding us of those moments when we are give the gift of perspective. I just love your idea and permission to yourself of creating a little something that symbolizes just a few moments and days in your life. This is outstanding and so is your clear results from your test along with the gift of your experience. Big hug.

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