Monday, March 8, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different...

At last week's Altered Sisters meeting one sister was kind enough to demo how to make the Sitting Pretties initially created by Claudine Hellmuth and shown on Martha Stewart.  Angela brought all the supplies needed to make these cute poppets.  (Many thanks to Angela for her time, effort and tips!)  As students, all we needed to bring was the photos.

We had a fun meeting exploring this technique.  I'd say it was definitely a success as there was several minutes, here and there, of no noise at all.  Just concentration.  Now, if you knew this group like I do, you'd really think that is amazing because we never shut up!   I made "Pretties" of my three kids.  Of course, they immediately told me that they don't dress like that!

The ingenious bendy base for these guys is aluminum flashing.  It is then covered with paper or fabric.  I primarily used paste paper scraps as well as some commerical papers. 

I had fun making these and they will go to my mom for her birthday.  I think they'll go over big.  My hope was that this would be a great 2010 Christmas gift idea for friends and family.  Sorry guys, I think these will be the only ones I make.  The result is fun but the process was too fussy (lots of scissor work) and problematic (glue didn't stick, markers didn't stick) for me. 

Then again, maybe I'd get better if I made more...



Kathy L said...

I have wanted to make those little pretties for some time now but I just don't have the patience. You did a great job. I think that they would make great gifts though! Somelthing from the hear :) Go for it!

Joanne Huffman said...

Sorry I missed the meeting. Your poppets look great.

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