Friday, November 27, 2009

A Special Connection

At the Handmade Paper Guild show last weekend we had a decent crowd and sales were ok.  How's that for compeling blog copy?  Pretty bad, I'd say.  But wait, now it gets interesting.  During the show I met one special young lady with a story that should have you stick with me today.

On Friday, when I happened to be working the show, a young college-aged lady asked us to put aside one of my frames because she needed to think about it and didn't want it to be gone when she returned.  She came back later, put the frame back on the table, came back again, left again.  She may have even repeated this cycle one more time.  She was with a friend, and you could tell that they kept talking about this frame.  Ok, finally, a decision appears to have been made.  She was turning to go without it.

I was at the door as a greeter and had been watching this unfold over an hour or so.  So as they passed me I made some silly comment like "you're not taking it home today?"  She explained that she was on a tight budget and couldn't afford it right now.  The reason that she really wanted it was because her little niece had passed away and one of the last pictures they have of her was at a lighthouse.  This frame was perfect, she said.

My regular readers might remember that I make the paper mosaics in honor of my niece, Taylor, who passed away in May 2007.  I told this young gal this and her eyes got big.  We then discovered that both girls died from a heart problem.  Now all eyes got even bigger and very watery.  After some more talk, this lovely young lady left.

Minutes later, she came back in a rush.  Connections, kizmet, coincidence, fate.  Whatever you call it.  This connection that we made almost required her to go home with the frame.  It could not be ignored.  We made some finanical adjustments.  The frame will be given as a gift to the mother of the little girl.

I am thankful for connections such as this and for the many people in my life that help me remember what is important.



Joanne Huffman said...

My eyes got big and slightly teary as I read this.

last minute lynn said...

destiny...these connections are what make life as special as it is.

Willow said...

That is a great holiday story Loriie!!! And it did bring tears to my eyes!!! Thanks for sharing this. It is just what we need to hear at this time of year!!! Happy Holidays!

Jes said...

Thank you Lorrie for the frame and this blog post both made me cry. As I read this blog my eyes weld up and I thought about Gretta again. I appreciate everything you did to help me be able to give my sister that frame that means so much to me. I know when my sister receives it for xmas she will cry and be happy. I will show her this blog to so she can better understand this crazy connection. Thank you so much again. Merry Christmas.


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Wow, this post made a connection with lots of people. Thanks for commenting and caring.

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