Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyday Textures of Fall

I had lunch with a dear lady this week.  Her husband was the man that gave me studio space to work with handmade paper and instilled in me an artistic confidence.  Sadly, Paul Robbert passed away a year ago.  One of the tasks that Ros is faced with now is pulling together an inventory of his work.  Oh my, a bittersweet task, for sure. 

One of the pieces I saw for the first time on Monday, and covers one complete wall of their home, is a painting that he did long ago of grass.  Yes, just grass.  And, it is stunning.  It brought to mind the textures of everyday life.  So, I grabbed my camera and shot some close ups of the tall ornamental grasses that are in my backyard.

What a wonderful riot of color and depth!

Reach for the sky!

What's in your backyard?


PS.  Of course, we also have these not so wonderful Everyday Textures of Fall:

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