Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Altered Sisters Round Robin - Book Six

For months now the Altered Sisters have been working on a Round Robin book swap.  This is the Round Robin for which I vowed I would incorporate an altered photograph into the artwork of each book.  Well, this month, I caved.  No photograph.  I just couldn't work up any interest in the idea.  That's not to say that the whole altered photograph thing doesn't have huge and wonderful potential.  I'm just not feeling that potential right now.  Gotta go with the muse, or in this case, the lack of one.

For November I had Catherine's book called "Open the Door to Color".  It is a well crafted effort with beautiful pages from each artist.  Catherine was one of my first customers when I started doing my paper mosiacs and she loves artwork that features houses.  So, it seemed like a natural fit to include a mosaic house along with the riot of color.  Here you see "Green House."

This book spread uses acrylics, paper mosaics, collaged flowers and oil pastels.

If you're interested in the altered photograph work that was done in each previous book, please visit the posts on March 22 and 25, April 7 and 11, May 4 and 8, June 4 and 9, and August 30.


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