Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Help, I'm Melting" Challenge & Giveaway

Do you have a period of time in your life, year after year, that just kicks your butt? I do, and I'm just getting to the end of it. Every May and June, my usually pretty calm and collected life, just spins out of control. Each year I know it's coming. Each year I resolve to work harder to control the calendar. Each year I fail miserably. Each year, in fact, it seems to get worse.

It's a combination of things: the overabundance of end-of-school activities and homework, the overabundance of games for three kids playing and two adults coaching/managing travel soccer, the overabundance of miscellaneous extra-circular activities, the overabundance of things on the can't-be-put-off-any-longer To Do list. And there's much more, but you get the idea. My cup runneth over with abundance. I'm not calling this rant whining because everything (for the most part) is good, but by mid-June I am fried. I am done. I am melted and it's not pretty.

Here's the challenge: tell me how you handle your overabundance and email me your best "I'm melting" picture or artwork. Anything goes and anyone can enter. Make me laugh. Make my readers laugh. I'll post all entries that I receive by July 4th and choose the one that made me laugh out loud. That particular comedienne will get a collage on a beaded wire hanger, created by me, that is kind of silly and reminds us all that "Even Fools are Right Sometimes."

Laughing is good. Laughing is therapy. Laughing can help get life back in order. So, fellow bloggers, casual readers, good friends, joke tellers, spread the word far and wide and let's share the laughter...


PS. In the midst of all this, today is my daughter's 12th birthday. I wish for her a wonderful day and an even better year!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm in the midst of that kind of scheduling overabundance, but will work on an entry while I'm in GDCG (leaving today for 10 days). ?your challenge speaks to me.


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