Thursday, June 4, 2009

Altered Sister's Round Robin - Book Four

Time to turn a page on the calendar again and that means it's also time for another round of art trades in the Altered Sister's Round Robin book exchange. The theme of this book is Dream and it will eventually return to it's owner, Heather.

This time of year is always so over-the-top crazy busy with various kid-related things that sitting still for more time than it takes to read our whopping two-section newspaper is something that I'm definitely dreaming of right now. So, I didn't have a bit of trouble thinking up the subject for this book!

You may remember that in order to explore various hand altering techniques with photography I vowed that I would use one of my own photos in each book that I work in. Ironically, when hand altering a photo, it is often the bad photos that work best. That's because the altering makes the photo more interesting. In this case, the picture was already very colorful (and in fact, inspired the background colors) so I primarily played with the decking, the window and the tree.

Our family is approaching our busiest week/weekend of the year but I soon hope to be able to Sit, Think, Relax and Dream. Taking time out to do these things shouldn't be optional. It's important and will keep you strong.



Joanne Huffman said...

May we all have the time to sit and relax and dream this summer.


Kim Mailhot said...

I want to be by that bench doing just that ! This is a nice piece, Lorrie - I love the colors - they remind me of Mexico actually - can't get much more summer than that !The reminder that taking that time to just be shouldn't be optional is a great one too.
Thanks for stopping by and giving me some comment love in the midst of your busy time.
Have a sweet family time weekend !

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