Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream - Up Close and Personal

Dream: Here is the original photo that was used in the spread shown in the previous post called, Sit, Think, Relax, Dream. The artwork here was done in Heather's book. She hasn't seen it yet but I'm going to give away my "secrets" anyway...

Up close: Here is the photo after I worked on it. (I didn't crop in exactly on the photo because of the palm tree going off the photo.) Notice that the car in the lower left corner is completely gone after the photo is altered. The reflections/glare in the window panes are also gone. It doesn't show up very well in the scan, but there is silver pen used on the palm fronds, on the bench and also in the center of each window pane.

Personal: This photo was taken in Naples, Florida in the parking lot next to Tin City. I was down there in February 09 when my son was invited to attend the National Olympic Development Program camp for soccer. Tin City is a big touristy area with lots of activity. How I managed to shoot this bench without anyone sitting and enjoying an ice cream cone is beyond me! As you might guess, I love the color of the wall and bench.


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Kim Mailhot said...

I love this picture and how you jazzed it up in your own personal way ! I too am ga-ga about these colors...ah to be sitting on that bench in Naples today...That's okay though, it is lovely in my rainy day neck of the woods too. I can just surround myself with pretty turquoise stuff to look at !
Thanks for the pretty turquoise stuff to look at !
Happy Tuesday !

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