Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting for the Opportunity - Close Ups

Here are some close ups of Waiting for the Opportunity.  I love how the tight crops turn the piece into an abstract.  I've always been about color and texture.  With these up-close-and-personal shots you really get a look at both.

Water.  I love this.  In fact, my final for my painting class took the water idea a bit further.  I'll show you this painting soon.

If you hadn't seen the completed piece you'd never guess that this is a handmade paper fish!

This looks like a topographical map to me.  Hills, valleys, water, etc.

This one shows one of the handmade paper fish on the left, the painted canvas in the blue and then the raised plaster "lock". 
And back to my favorite part:  water.

Here's the finished piece again for reference on the close ups.  One of these days I'm going to actually have a good picture taken of my finished work.

We're having a garage sale this weekend.  It takes so much time and preparation.  However, since we do this every year, my husband and I have a pretty good routine down.  Nonetheless, it is exhausting.  See you again from the other side of the (hopefully empty) garage.



Joanne Huffman said...

I love the closeups!!!!

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Can't wait to see the BIG PICTURE!!

last minute lynn said...

Hope your garage sale went well. You had great weather!

Kathy L said...

This is one of my favorite pieces of yours Lorrie. Wonderful and thoughtful work!

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