Sunday, April 10, 2011


For Spring Break 2011 we took the kids to New York. Steve grew up in western NY so we go there often. This time, however, we spent two days with family there and then continued on to NYC for three nights. What a great time!

The kids loved it. The weather was acceptable (although we could have done without the cold rainy afternoon on Tuesday). We walked and walked and walked and walked and then walked some more.

We didn't see any celebrities but ran into neighbors that live about six houses down from us. I find that rather amazing, especially since we weren't really in a touristy place at the time. We did see several TV shows setting up to shoot scenes and an upcoming movie called New Years Eve took up a whole city block with trailers for its cast.

We hit many of the usual tourist places and added some fun, less touristy stuff too like Zabars Grocery Store and Deli on the upper west side. We ate Thai, Italian and American Diner. We tried to go to an Ethiopian place but it was closed. We enjoyed yummy pastries, and even had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. We had the deli experience at Katz' Deli and sat next to the spot where Sally made some noise in the movie When Harry Met Sally. We had street vendor hot dogs and quick pizza slices too.

We shopped for the girls and while in Soho we turned the corner and there was a Dick Blick store. I walked in and was so overwhelmed with awe and wonder, I didn't know where to start! I only bought a couple of things to play with.

Here is the family. Notice the Empire State Building growing out of my head.

Next post will be about the MOMA.



Vicki Holdwick said...

Sounds like loads of fun, Lorrie,


Joanne Huffman said...

Actually, the Empire State Building looks like it's growing out of your shoulder. It certainly sounds like you ate well.

last minute lynn said...

What a fun trip...lifetime memories. Fantastic family photo-no altering needed!

Kathy L said...

Looks like you had great fun. I do love the photo of your family!!!!

michiganme said...

We were in NYC last week too! It was my first time there in 30 yrs so we mostly did the sampler-tourist-tour. I remember that rainy Tuesday - we were at the Top of the Rock that day :). Molly

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