Friday, April 22, 2011

Art 105 - Fun Little Extras

So we move from the MOMA back to the MOMMA.  :)

In the painting class that I've been taking we use a lot of paint.  Well, we're painting so it shouldn't surprise me that we use up some paint.  However, once a color is mixed on my palette, I absolutely hate just tossing it.  So, I just started putting the leftover paint on a 9 x 12 canvas paper instead.  I didn't think, I just did.  This in itself is a good exercise as I always over think things.

I discovered that these little extras actually work fairly well because the colors are already working together in the original painting and therefore work in an abstract too.

This was made with paint left over from the collage exercise.  Should it be vertical or...


This one is made of leftover paint from a painting that I haven't shared yet.  Some interesting things going on here but it basically is a mess and the black is too bold.  Yet, these quickie experiments are good for this plodding artist.



last minute lynn said...

horizontal would be my vote...or you could even cut it up and use i-parts to make a 3 dimensional piece.

michiganme said...

Hey it's an ABDO---someday it could be placed next to the ROTHKO at MOMA. I like it!

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