Friday, September 24, 2010

Altered Photography with the Altered Sisters - Honorary Member for a Day

Here's another post about the altered photography play session with the Altered Sisters.  School was out at the time so I brought along my 11-year-old.  She had great fun playing around with the pens, inks, watercolors and scratching tools.  Here are her results...

Sculpture in Seattle

Turning her brother into a court jester on the soccer field.

Dash Abdo

Pelican on Marco Island

Our beloved Taylor looking like she has never looked before!  I really like what Alicia did with the palm tree trunk.

Altering photos can be a successful effort for creative people of almost any age.  Go for it.



last minute lynn said...

love her colorful, energetic work!

Joanne Huffman said...

She's an artistic chip off the old block and is an official Little Sister.

Kathy L said...

So cool! Great work and such an imagination.

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