Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paper Mosaic Mirror Frame - Julie and Marc's

Continuing on with stuff related to my friend's wedding, here is the wedding gift. This mirror may look familiar as it was done with the same colors as the mirror I just hung at the Haworth home. However, this mirror is a slightly different size and is actually a frame with a mirror in it so it hangs on a wire/nail rather than getting screwed into the wall.

Two weekends ago, while in the Detroit area for a soccer tournament, I showed this particular mirror to a gallery. It was a horribly wet and cold weekend and I walked in (with an appointment) wearing a winter coat, rain boots, wet straggly hair and basically looking a mess. I had just enough time to stop in between games and tried to make the most of it. Anyway, the gallery is in Brighton, is called The Artisan's Bench, and they want some of these babies! I'm now in the market for well built frames/mirrors with a 3" to 4" flat profile. I would have thought it would be easy but no. Any ideas/sources?



Kathy L said...

I wish I could be more help...What about search the Ikea site. Sometimes they have stuff like that. The mirror is beautiful. No wonder the gallery wants some!
Thanks for your recent comments. I am not sure how much I am willing to work to make my art dreams a reality. Kelly worked her tail off to get to where she is at. I am not willing to do that...I had a career. So now I have to figure out what I am willing to do.

Joanne Huffman said...

How Cool! I am not surprised at all that a gallery wants your work.

last minute lynn said...

Congrats on your gallery score! I had a friend who was a photographer and she found a good online source for frames. She just picked from their "close out" section. Perhaps try googling "frames".

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Have a router? Perhaps try making them yourself...that way you get EXACTLY what you want. Just a thought...
All my best-

Kim Mailhot said...

Very cool mirror, Lorrie ! I know it will be well loved. Congrats on the gallery contact too.
Cheers, Talented One !

Kathy L said...


I commented on your comment on my blog. Hope it helps. Also for mirrors, sometimes Pier One has big sales on their framed mirrors but I guess they might be way pricey. What about actually commisioning a carpenterto make frames for mirrors. If it works out you could probably get a deal for "bulk." And oh the buttons under your header that say Blog, paper mosaics, greeting cards etcc was that done through blogger?

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