Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Mosaics - Green Basketweave

While I was painting the book I showed you in the last post I did lots of extra sheets in shades of green for use in paper mosaics. There are so many steps when making paper mosaics that I'm truly afraid to count the hours in a completed piece!

Have a great holiday weekend. As with most of our April, May, June weekends, my family will be at the soccer fields with 10 games for sure (potentially 13) for our 3 kids. Craziness!



Joanne Huffman said...

It looks like a great piece. I love your paper mosaics (and think I prefer green to red/white/blue).

wwilloww said...

Beautiful mosaic Lorrie!!! The shades of green are great!! I also want to thank you for "turning me on to" Tracy Moore. I am currently on the hunt for Fabriano watercolor paper to try the very same book you made (which I loved by the way!!).

Kathy L said...

I can only imagine the time that goes into these mosaics. I always drool over these.


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