Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Teaching at Sievers!

There is a magical place in the waters of Lake Michigan. Off the tip of Door County in northern Wisconsin, Washington Island is a beautiful, peaceful place. Sure, it is a summer vacation destination. But it's not for those that are looking for waterparks, the trendiest food-of-the-moment restaurant, or lots of people.

This little slice of heaven is where the Sievers School of Fiber Arts is located. The 3-season school draws teachers and students from all over the country, the world, in fact. I learned how to make paper at Sievers in August of 1995 from an amazing paper artist named Gisela Moyer. I've told anyone that will listen that this was a life-changing weekend for me. I've been back to Sievers twice since then and each experience was amazing. Well, here we are 15 years later and I'm going back as one of the ones that gets to sleep in the exalted instructor's cabin. :) Teaching at Sievers is truly a milestone event for me!

Main office and gift shop

Studio space and dormitory

The class list is quite extensive and includes weekend and week-long classes in weaving, papermaking, quilting, knitting, basketry, surface design and more. To learn more about the school, the classes, on-site and off-site housing, please go here. Registration just opened this week and you can do that on the website as well. For a look at what I'll be teaching, read on...

Paper Mosaics & Paste Painting (August 20-22) - Class Fee $ 210

This exciting new class will definitely put both sides of your artistic brain to use. First, using a playful intuitive approach, you’ll use paint, paste and a variety of texturing tools to decorate sheets of paper. The technique gives great first-time results, and, with some practice your sheets will have an amazing depth and detail. By the time you’re done working “wet,” you’ll have a large assortment of paste-painted sheets to use for paper mosaics in class, as well as lots of extras to take home for use in collages, books, journals, greetings cards or as frameable works of art. Mid-weekend, we’ll switch sides of the brain and start assembling paper mosaics. While paper mosaics can be made by carefully placing one piece of paper at a time, in this class you’ll learn the trick of making sheets of paper tiles so that you can work faster and with better control. Possible projects are picture frames, mirror frames and other home d├ęcor items, as well as artistic works on wood supports. Materials fee of approximately $45 for pigments, paste, paper, laminate film, support boards and related supplies. For all levels.

I hope you'll consider joining me for a weekend of creative play in an incredibly beautiful spot.



Joanne Huffman said...

It is so cool that you are doing this. I know you'll be an inspiration to your students.

last minute lynn said...

So very cool. Your students will be lucky to learn from you.

Kathy L said...

someday....Lorrie the entire event sounds magical. Well at the very least, restful! Congrats!

team15fifteen said...

Way to go. It sounds like a great class.

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