Monday, February 22, 2010

Altered Photography class

On Saturday, from noon to about 3, I had the pleasure of teaching an Altered Photography class at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. Thirteen very cool ladies took the class and it seemed like they had some fun. Of course, most were from the Kalamazoo area but Lansing, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek and Chicago addresses were in the mix too. I'd like to say that my reputation is building but the Chicago and Ann Arbor gals were in town to visit with their moms. :)

As is typical, I got caught up in the activity and forgot to take pictures to show you. I do, however, have scans of the photos I altered in preparation for the class. All these photos have been hand altered (no digital playing here) using sandpaper, an awl, watercolors, pastels and/or markers. I don't think they are "done" yet, but it's a start...

Most everyone in the class played with their own photos and wound up with some very cool images: a beach scene is now in bright turquoise and pink with "1950" scratched into the background; an already beautiful close up of a flower now has a grid-like background that helped to highlight the flower even further; a playful dog in the back of a pickup truck is now painted an even more playful bright blue; a self-portrait was outlined and the background painted so that the figure became almost ghostlike; many vintage ladies (including Amelia Earhart) in brown got makeovers and became more colorful versions of themselves; and, even a moss covered phone booth from a Washington rain forest got to make a statement. Now that your interest has been piqued, I'm so sorry I don't have pictures of it all.

This class was full. In fact, we actually had to turn a couple people away. With this kind of interest I'll be offering this class again in the summer.



last minute lynn said...

Congrats on your class! I bet the attendees were well pleased with their results and their teacher.

Joanne Huffman said...

Let me know when the summer class is scheduled. I really love what you've done and would like to give it a try.

Kathy L said...

I guess I should have read further into your blog. These are so cool! I so wish I lived closer...I would sign up!

Gwen said...

I really love your altered photographs!

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