Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recent Workshops - Just Take the Plunge!

In July I had the pleasure of teaching The Art of Paste Painting and then a Paper Mosaics class at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. The classes were filled with many wonderful ladies, many of whom took both classes so we were able to get to know each other a bit.

Here's an idea of the mix of interests and backgrounds of some of the ladies that came:

* A mom and daughter just looking for a fun thing to do together, as well as an experienced graphic designer, played with mosaic patterns using commercial papers and had great success. (I must admit, I've not used commercial papers before but definitely see the possibilities after seeing what they did.)

* One gal found me at the Portage Library Book Arts exhibit last winter during a terrible blizzard. Now that's some serious interest! She did a great job with her colors, especially the blues, and made a beautiful frame. I think there will be more in her future.

* Another woman is a calligrapher and had tried paste painting before but wasn't able to achieve the watercolor-y look she was after. I think she succeeded with this look after taking the class.

* One papermaker friend plans to turn the mosaics into jewelry. Are you kidding me? That's really tiny!

* One gal is an all around creative person: altered books, collage, painting. She is always exploring as one artistic interest usually leads to another!

* One gal is a teacher's aid and is always making things for her students and her own children. This lady has talent, an abundance of energy and lots of smiles!

* A friend of mine from our days together in Jr. High and High School is going to make a large frame for her son and his fiance in the colors of their wedding party. She quilts beautifully so she was easily able to pull together colors.

* And finally, a lady who was signed up by a relative and thought she was going to a cake decorating class. This could have been a teacher's nightmare: someone who didn't want to be there. However, she was won over quickly, was delighted with the process and did some beautiful papers that she plans to make into cards. I'm glad she came.

The lesson here is that anyone can create, you only need to give yourself permission to do so. If you need a push, take a workshop, get a taste of what you can do, and then go for it.

A sheet of mosiacs drying.

So beautiful. I want this!

An almost finished frame. Lots of glue to dry.

Making a small tray with scraps around the outer edge.

So, what are you making today... Money? Friends? Art? Trouble? Nourishment? Good choices? Let me know.



Joanne Huffman said...

Someday my schedule will work out so I can take one of your classes! I saw Andy's work from your class and loved it.

last minute lynn said...

What a fun group you a cake decorator! Beautiful work.

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

Enjoyed your blog. Come visit me at


Kathy L said...


I just loved this post. People never cease to amaze me. I enjoyed reading about each student. Hopefully they will come for some of your other classes!


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