Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Updates

Warning: No art stuff today. But it is time to update you on some loose ends on the personal front...

Vacation: We're back and had a great time at the cottage on Long Lake near Traverse City, MI. With the exception of 1982 when I spent the summer studying/travelling in Europe and again in 1983 when I was a camp counselor in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts, I have vacationed on this lovely lake for 40 of my 47 years.

Here's the view of two of the five islands in the lake. I wish I could say that the lakeshore is equally uninhabited and pristine but, sadly, most of the old cottages that blended in with the trees so beautifully have been torn down for McMansions.

Here's the evening view from our little piece of heaven. (And actually, it's not even "ours". We rent it.)

My sister is now lucky enough to actually live there! Here's the view from her lovely place.

Just so you don't think that it's all about the views. Here's the reality of it all: loud, goofy kids having a great time.

50th Anniversary: While we were "up north" we extended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents. (I wrote about them back in June on their real anniversary.) We surprised them with a casual dinner at my sister's cottage complete with wedding veil, bow tie, grandchildren coming down the stairs with a daisy for each and Michigan sparkling grape juice in our glasses for a toast. Hey, do we know how to party or what? We're kind of a no-nonsense kind of family but this low-key silliness was perfect and they enjoyed it immensely!

Mom and Dad

Make a Wish/Wish a Mile:

My brother's daughter, Taylor, died at age 14 in 2007. In the end it was many things that finally knocked her out but the base cause was a heart defect. Since her death Rob has organized Team Taylor, a bike team that rides in the late July Wish a Mile cycling event for Make a Wish. This year the team of 86 riders raised over $147,000! The total donations for the entire event raised $1.6 million for the kids and families of Make A Wish. It is the largest fundraiser in the United States for Make A Wish and this was done in a state that is barely keeping it's head above the waters of the Great Lakes! People are amazingly generous. Several of my regular readers contributed to this effort and I am very thankful.

The 300 mile bike ride took the riders across Michigan from Traverse City to Chelsea (near Ann Arbor). They pedaled through rain, fog, sun and wind. All of the 85 riders on Team Taylor had a great time as they learned a little bit about themselves and about the challenges that Wish kids live with every day. If you're really interested you can visit Team Taylor for pictures and more.

Taylor would have been 16 on Friday.

Thoughts: I'm so grateful for all the people in my life!



Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Seems like most people are leaving their comments via Facebook now. Thank you all and comments are always welcome where ever you may choose to leave them! :)

Kathy L said...

Ah Lorrie, sometimes I use facebook and sometimes not. I finally have a phone that I can use my facebook and twitter more often. that really helps because our desk top or lap top are always being used by 3 teens. It is always nice hearing about your "other" side of life. It sounds like you have a beautiful family and had a peaceful vacation. No doubt they all inspire you and it comes out in your art.


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