Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Colors

The Altered Sisters group (we meet monthly to talk art and have fun) had a tag swap in early October.  This is my attempt.  Can you guess what the background is? I love the honeycomb look to it.

A couple of weeks ago I spent three days in the garage/driveway making sheets of paste papers.  I used Lysol wipes to clean up the plexiglass in between each sheet.  These wipes were too pretty to throw away so they became the background for the tags!  Good one, huh?  Then, I burrowed into the back recesses of my messy studio and found my stamps.  I knew I had a leaf stamp in there somewhere.

We have had the most glorious fall here in Michigan.  The colors have not been super bright and vibrant because the temperatures have been too warm.  Nonetheless, it is very pretty out with colors, sun and warmth.  Throw in the occasional 42 degree day with rain and the good stuff is appreciated even more!

I turned 50 last month and my husband threw me a surprise party.  He did a great job and I had a  super time with lots of friends and family.  I think I'll use this image on my thank you notes.



Joanne Huffman said...

I love my tag. You really do have the greatest sense of color.

last minute lynn said...

And your tags were even more beautiful in person?

last minute lynn said...

Whoops, that "?" was supposed to be a "!".

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