Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Be Gentle...

It is already December (but I'm guessing you already knew that!). I know that many folks start their holiday shopping and festivities prior to now but around here we've only just begun to think about it. So, in the interest of helping to maintain holiday sanity, I post this collage.



Brenda said...

I'll try and be gentle with myself. Does going on vacation the week before Christmas help? Coming back 3 days before Christmas probably doesn't! That's when I need to be reminded. Love your work, your mosaics, your paper, your fish, all stunning, vibrant, lovely.

Joanne Huffman said...

A good - and lovely - reminder at a very hectic time.


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Brenda: I'm glad you looked at my work. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with the work on your blog too. Everyone: Look at http://thecraftychook.blogspot.com/ to see what I'm talking about. Beautiful paintings!


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Joanne: The "reminder at a very hectic time" most definitely goes out to you. Good luck with the KIA show and the cookie exchange!


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