Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember the good

It has been quite a week: hubby sick, daughter sick, me sick, computer died, aunt died. Obviously, this list is not written in order of importance.

My aunt married a painter a long time ago (in the 40s?). In fact, this man, at almost 90 years old, still paints daily. Oh, and he is now legally blind. He has always gotten the attention of the two because he is a well known, rather eccentric, oil painter. However, my aunt was the foundation of their family and was the rock that allowed him to continue his work. She raised five children and taught many, many more in public schools. I'll remember her smile and her quiet way. Aunt Betty was a person of influence in an understated way. She leaves a legacy of goodness behind. In today's world, I'd say that is quite an accomplishment.

Here's a couple of links about my Uncle Armand: http://www.armandmerizondocumentary.com/Armands-Art2.htm, and http://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/features/wmi87007.aspx. A couple of years ago a well done, and well deserved, documentary was made about his life and his work. Typically documentaries are not made in honor of good, decent people like Aunt Betty. We must remember them all on our own.


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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your aunt. She sounds like a very good person. You're right about the hard working supportive people being taken for granted and not being honored enough.


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