Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paste Paper Mosaics

This past week I started working on some pieces with mosaics. Mosaics can be made with just about any paper you've got around. In my case all of my tiles are my own paste paper designs. Each sheet of mosaic tiles that I'm showing you in this post are one inch to quarter inch pieces of paper put onto a clear sheet of laminate. I think they are quite lovely just as they are but each of these sheets of mosaics has a future as something else in a more finished form.

This pink and orange sheet of inch by 1/2 inch tiles has black "grout".

This is the same sheet of tiles but with white "grout".

The tiles on this sheet vary from one inch to a quarter inch.

Another one with a little bit of everything. All the tiles on this one are blue paste paper scraps.

This sheet is made up of quarter inch square pieces.

More on paper mosaics after some additional progress is made...


Joanne Huffman said...

I love the way the tiles change with the color of the grout. You have such a great sense of color in your designs, the mosaic pieces would be perfect on walls - especially of public buildings, where they would improve the environment.


Stone said...

Lorrie, I really like the last one (green/blue) when I look at it I feel as if I should be seeing something hidden in the depth.
Very cool!

Angela Hoffmann said...

ooooh!!! Lorrie i am loving these mosaics..the colors are so fabulous..and i can so totally relate to the playing part..i feel that way when i am making backgrounds for my paper designs too...these are so fun..i think i might just have to play with paste sometime soon!
am adding your blog onto my list of blogger friends on my blog~~!

Diane A said...

WOW! The mosaics are beautiful! I'm wondering if this is a well thought out process (in terms of pattern) or if you place tiles by "feel" or maybe a combination of both?

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